#1 Licensing

Licensing our Intellectual Property for your business tools. Training, test materials and marketing materials included at expenses only level.  We want more opportunities for the children everywhere. Share your expertise, no age limits. It makes us happy too.

#2 Gifted Services Group

For Professional Development and Collegiality

#3 Onlne assessments.

Is my child gifted?  Parents are entitled to know what the situation is.  The problem for schools is in identifying them as they hide or under-perform ot have other special needs. Using Skype we can do assessments anywhere. These are proper standardized tests but not psychological. The children feel happy to do them.   One for those who love Lego and Maths and one for those who love listening in to adults and accumulating general knowledge. There is also a reading test which assesses comprehension and enables children with Irlen syndrome to read.  Payment is by Paypal and again the fees are low for professional assessment. The results can be used to give information to your school or for schools to check whether a child is gifted or not.  Contact fastlearners@outlook.com


What is the aim of all this?

We want the children to be happy, feel as if they belong and to achieve what they are capable of. Many think that the gifted must have it all but this is not the case. Belonging when you are significantly different is tough yet belonging is the first need of children. Combined with their extra sensitivities it can be a rough ride. Parents tell us that the main benefit is confidence to be themselves and that they are OK as they are.  The world is much more aware of feelings of difference now. It applies to the gifted too.

Can you be part of tihs?.

Yes if you are gifted, a teacher, a leader and are accepted to teach in schools in your country or state.

Aah! Am I gifted?   Go to www.free-iqtest.net and score at least 125+. 130 is accepted worldwide as gifted.  Don''t do it on a full stomach or when you might be interrupted.

Accepted to teach. All states have rules  about who can teach in the schools.  You need to satisfy the requirements in your area.

A leader- have you been a coordinator ,an assistant principal  a principal,a club president . You need to be sensitive to educational situations.

HAPPY? We have found that the sensitive children can pick up if you are unhappy and do not return. Happy is essential for success.  All OK?  then email fastlearners@outlook.com


Next Steps...

You know what happens if you put it off. If the idea appeals to you then act now. Send an email, a query or some action on it. We are not mind readers so make contact.