How did WiseOnes start?

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When thinking about retirement I realized I could live another 40 years. I was really fit. What would I do that suited my aptitudes and would fill a real need. I had been a  very creative school principal and run an unusual school. I had tried out ideas that would bring about greater learning with less effort by teachers. It worked and made parents teachers and children happy.

I went to the beach for a couple of days and the ozone got to me. I became very creative again. Ideas flowed fast into my mind. I was inspired.  I wrote all around the edges of the newspaper.  Next day I started WiseOnes. So what were the reasons.

  1. The gifted are bored at school. I know I have 5 gifted children.
  2. The government says we have to cater for them in special programs in school.  How? With what? Who are they?
  3. Nobody has any sympathy for them as the tall poppy syndrome is omnipresent. Anyway they don't even know which children they are mostly. They have no education in giftedness.
  4. When the government did give some money to all special needs the Boards would not agree to spend on the gifted, as they thought the gifted were OK as they were.
  5. So it had to be parent funded but a school program as the children would respect the school more.
  6. So how does an ordinary family afford that. Well they do afford  McDonalds  so how could we provide a program at that price with so highly qualified teachers.
  7. Well we have been doing it now for 20 years. Hundreds of children do weekly sessions and that one hour a week makes them very very happy and much wiser.

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