How do I know if my child is gifted?

There are 6 types of gifted children . See for the 6. We can test using Skype. The children find it interesting.You can pay by PayPal. All children must qualify as we have found teachers and principals find it difficult to identify some gifted. We are good at it.  It is critical for the feeling of belonging with like minds that all are gifted. An IQ of 130 in some field on a psych test is gifted even if the average is below that. However these tests are very expensive and we can find out for underAUD $100

What is my commitment if I take up a licence?

We help with all you need, training, presentations, test  materials, business hints, reporting, and most of all many many curriculum units. Just follow the training and ask for help when needed. The Licence fee is currently $2250 AUD for legal costs, training,  and a briefcase of needed support materials to get going. Then the ongoing fee for using the curriculum per child  is part of the price you build into your fees. You send a quarterly emailed report.

Can I use Euro or Pounds to run my business?

We work in AUD but you can transfer money using Paypal and it will convert it for you. Eventually we will have a European bank account for pounds and euro.  Once we have 3 Licencees I will start the account. I have already done the investigations when I was in Ireland this year. The New Zealand Licencee pays once a term in AUD transfer.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our Licencees are our customers and we text or email or video conference as needed. Our Licencees look after the schools and parents and teach the children maybe using a qualified gifted experienced teacher after doing it themselves for a couple of terms to see what it is like.  It is fun and most enjoyable when we see the changed attitudes in the children. The schools like the increased national test results and use it as a marketing tool that increases enrollments of high ability children.  The results for autistic children are amazing too.  Eye contact and joining in discussions with other high ability children makes them happy and relaxed.  I have been very pleased with this.