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I am attending the ECHA Conference on 11th August in Dublin if you want to meet me.  Still looking for leaders for Europe. Are you interested?  Email to inquire about it.



It was great to have so many laughs in Ireland.  My plan to move to Wexford did not work out as there is a nuclear power plant in Wales affecting the area. I am extremely sensitive to vibrations and frequencies so can’t do it. So later in the year I will look at the west coast.  I like Galway. So far only one teacher in Ireland or UK has taken up the idea of their own small business using  my specially designed lessons for the gifted in the schools. The current licencees in Australia enjoy what they do and are not retiring at age 70 as other people are doing.  They just contract another teacher when they get more schools. Easy! We hope our New Zealand licencee does the same. She is on the South Island down near Queenstown with snow and ice but we are intending to have an international  summer meeting there as it is so beautiful then.

Of course there are tax benefits of having your own business and we are always learning and creating new curriculum units.  I am currently getting rid of about 3000 books I have used over the years for information for the units. cannot fit any more into the bookshelves or bring them with me .

Found 3 Slattery’s pubs in Dublin.  All dating back about 150 plus years probably in the family as the first Slattery in Australia in 1850 ran a pub. He came from a pub family in  Rathmines.  Stayed at Jim McGees and found the family grave of our McGees in the ruined abbey in Wexford. That James McGee was the harbour master and father of Thomas D’Arcy McGee assassinated MP for Montreal in Canada.  McGee married McHugh married Slattery. I come from a Methodist Norman English heritage and married a Slattery. The old town/ village of Eggleston is still there built of stones from Hadrian’s Wall. Came to Australia in 1838 from much further south, Newark.

Yes I am interested in history but also science but don’t get me started on that.  I worked in science for  6 years before entering teachers college and eventually a couple of degrees and postgraduate certificates after having 5 children all gifted and all different. Now there are grandchildren all gifted too. Its the genes from those ancestors and especially the mitochondria from the female line, the Donnellys from Tyrone, that gives us mental energy. Grandmother Donnelly m.Currie was sent to Scotland for an education because she was so smart. Her descendants are all very smart, 4 generations later.

I am sitting at my desk with 7 generations of family photos on the wall. It makes me sad for all the migrants who had to leave so much behind when they came here. I know how much my mother missed Ireland. It is like a pain that never goes away.  Bernard and I started a Family Group for people around us who had no family. 20 years later it is still meeting monthly but he has died.

Pat (Eggleston) Slattery


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