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Our Approach

We are all parents of gifted children and experienced educational leaders so we know the business from all angles.

Founder Pat Slattery Dip Teach.,B.Ed, ( Monash)., B.Theol ( Mebourne), COGE ( UNSW), AFACEL.,  MHIQS.

Primary teacher, secondary teacher and geography coordinator , School principal for 14 years. Voluntary tennis coach for club. President then Treasurer.  Life member.  Mother of a large family of gifted people and grandmother now too. Good at  innovative solutions hence WiseOnes Gifted Education.

Why the EU. Well my mother was born in Ireland so I am an Irish citizen. Where else would I expand to after Oceania.

All the curriculum units are in English so no translation problems.

At the World Gifted Conferences European people have told me over and over again. "We have nothing like that " Well now you can have it if you can find the appropriate teacher /leaders and tell them about this website.  Email to inquire.

See for the Australian/NZ  website and the list of curriculum units. You will be amazed and think  how  you would love to teach some of them.

Our Story

Well I always taught the ones no-one else wanted. Cheeky, disruptive, bored. allergic. I discovered that giftedness was common element in  all this and some had disabilities as well. I needed to be innovative, creative, different, not boring. As principal I tried a few things out. Family classes ungraded up to year 8 for a year 6 school.  Team  teaching 4 teachers for 4 classes but taking a quarter of the curriculum each.  Reduced the load by 75%. Much appreciated by staff. So was getting rid of what did not prove to be effective in the way and what we taught. Got rid of the junk accumulated over years. Bought second hand shelving to move from flat to 3D work.

Result a rise of 1.8 stanines a year for the whole school. Wow!  of course Mebourne university came out to investigate us and so did the teachers' union for our unusual practices. They went away saying "Wish more schools would do this"

So when it came time to "retire" I had to see what was my real calling for the rest of my life. It is gifted education. I have a very high IQ myself. It can be lonely. One can be misunderstood. The happiest times are with others like oneself- family and more.

How could I make this acceptible to teachers and school principals.

  1. It had to be professional.
  2.  It could not depend on government funding.
  3. The children could not be missing the same class lesson all the time.
  4. If parents had to fund it it had to be economical and affordable for an ordinary family.
  5.  What was the best structure to make all this happen?

So there it is. Fulfills all those requirements and the learning units are designed to the best knowledge of how gifted children lean and what they need to learn as a gifted person not just academic.

Result . very happy children, enthusiastic to come to school and with much higher national testing scores than usual as mostly they go down and down, 2013 research by Prof Hattie ,   but not when they do the WiseOnes program, research  by me in 2014.

Meet the Team

My team consists of Licencees each of whom owns her own business. They are 'retired" school leader or senior teachers who want a change in their 50s. They are parents of gifted young adults now.

They are considered to be in competition with each other under Australian law as we are not a franchise. However they live in different areas and it suits to work the business in your own area as you know what the parent expectations are .

We have a group called Gifted Services  for Skype training and collaboration for professional development.

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Pat Slattery

Founder & CEO

Innovator, likes people, big family, organic gardener, huge range of interests.



Each business is a separate entity. WISEONES is a Pty Ltd Company in Australia. Check me out on Linked In.

Gifted people like to do their own thing. Being self managing is a pleasure.


We use accountants and lawyers to help us.

Mostly we do our own business because it is simple. But one Licencee, with a big business and who spends 3 months away each year,  uses a secretary and we use accountants to do our tax. WiseOnes uses a lawyer to make sure the Agreements are legal.

It is a simple team designed to last for decades or more

Next Steps...

Do it now. Procrastination never got you anywhere. Convert your CV to pdf format and email it to

Include qualifications, interests and 4 referees, 2 for professional,  2 for personal. No relatives please