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Testing  standardised www.wiseonesgifted.net

Licensing your business . Our IP, training and advanced curriculum to help schools fill the gap

WiseOnes helps professional educators to set up their own gifted education business so more schools and children can benefit. It started in Australia in 1998. The Founder, an Irish citizen as well as Australian,  is a “retired” principal.  The Oceania website is wiseonesgifted.net and her own business website is wise

Everything you need to make a success is included- the training, testing, approaching schools, and of course the special faster paced, more abstract, more principled, curriculum is in the cloud. so all your teaching aids as well as lesson plans are there, dozens of units, complying with the best research in G&T. Your business is in your home office and local schools. How good is that?

Some Licencees have been using WiseOnes IP since  since 1998 and 1999. There is no retiring age . See some photos from the curriculum units on the Gallery page. There must be many units you’d love to share with the gifted, excited children. Want to know more or have a go. Use the e

Email  fastlearners@outlook.com.

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Testing face to face

Parents  or schools can have testing using Skype or other video conferencing methods to see how a child is thinking.  From 2019 we offer automated fast reply testing online at www.wiseonesgifted.net/shop. Parents or schools pay Paypal and get a code to use to gain access to the standardized test. Parents are advised to have a supervisor to make sure schools can rely on the result.

There are thinking and reasoning tests for ages 5.6 to 15 years , Using Skype we can do reading tests, spelling tests, General Knowledge tests, and an end of primary school  maths test. These online tests are at very low prices.

All school entrants are tested for free to make sure they can cope with the speed of learning and to ensure  groups of like minds for the feeling of belonging and being understood. That makes them very happy and parents are happy to support them term after term. One family of 3 had each child do 24 terms in the program. The return rate is very high.

Home test

Schools may use the automated test as well to check on a child’s potential or to set up a small gifted program using video conferencing.  WiseOnes has 22 years of contribution to gifted education. See Pat (Eggleston) Slattery on Linked In.  Her book, “A Gifted Life” is available in soft cover from Amazon in early 2019. Email fastlearners@outlook.com  to arrange a test.

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Contract teachers teach the small groups

Contract teachers are needed for Licencees  to expand their businesses. Teaching  the children is such a great pleasure. Contractors also have their own businesses. We only have 8 children in a group, all very keen to get out of class and learn new material at their appropriate level, some 4 or 5 years ahead of class level. Contractors set their own  contract rates per group in competition with other contractors.

Otherwise you could teach online using a video conferencing program.  You could get paid by Paypal . Contact fastlearners@outlook.com with your CV. You must be a registered teacher with a clear police check and a gifted person yourself. To find out go to free-iqtest.net . An IQ of 130+ is considered gifted .  Do not get interrupted as it is a timed test.

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Every child wants to learn at an appropriate rate.

That rate is different for each one and a class teacher has to cope with a wide range of rates and needs. That is a lot of pressure especially if a gifted child is concealing their gift to be accepted or has a disability as well as a gift . It is easy to focus on the negative and try to repair that and leave the asset alone. WiseOnes Fouuder has a son who is 2ce Exceptional and he found school very depressing. Now he is a wealthy businessman sponsoring children and as successful as his 4 siblings.

Also a daughter about whom she was called up to the college. What was the matter- talking all time in maths. Why? Finished the Maths book and not a third of  the way through the year. She had worked out how to do them from the answers working backwards. They gave  her the next year’s book. “Teach yourself”

Yes it is too difficult for a class  teacher with all the other responsibilities but we are here to help the school provide specialist teaching and learning. We know it makes a big difference to the school results when the gifted are inspired and happy.

Check Pat Slattery on Linked-In. She is connected to very many educators in gifted education. She will be at the World Gifted Conference in Sydney in July.


Next Steps…

How about making an inquiry. Email patslattery23@gmail.com

If you are interested in licensing then send your CV in pdf format and Pat will get back to you. Europe here we come. People tell me at conferences,
We have nothing like that”. Well now you can. Make contact now.

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